Dhahran Training Center is the first true training facility of its kind in Saudi Arabia, by a Drilling contractor to develop young Saudis for oil & gas industry, the primary objective is to have a competent work force to support Saudi Aramco Drilling operation and to develop Saudis as supervisors and managers.

This is the first training center in the KSA planned from day one with all ADC, Customer (Saudi Aramco) and employee needs in mind. It has a training rig planned; it is the newest, has the required technology e.g. a full size drilling simulator etc.

  • Dhahran Training Center (DTC) established in 1992 providing basic Safety Training Course. (e.g. New Employees Induction, STOP Program, First Aid / CPR, Fire Fighting, H2S and Defensive Driving)
  • Q4 of 1992 first well control seminar was conducted in DTC
  • DTC was the first training center in the gulf area to run the well control Seminar and certification.
  • In 1997- 98 DTC started to run well control and Drilling Technology seminar (DT – 1) not only to our ADC employees but other drilling and oil companies
  • In 1998, our well control course has been accredited by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) for Driller and supervisor level.
  • In 2002, DTC received accreditation from International Well Control Forum (IWCF) for well control course (Driller & Supervisor levels).
  • In 2002, DTC has been accredited by IADC for the HSE Rig Pass Course.
  • In 2003, we have upgraded DTC and addition of another full size Drilling Simulator.

ADC is committed in training Saudi Nationals in Drilling and maintenance groups.

Following are the courses covered and conducted in ADC – DTC

  • Well control courses
    • IWCF
    • IADC Well Cap
  • Coordinate specialized technical courses with other training centers;
    • Top Drive Maintenance
    • CAT Engine Maintenance
    • SCR Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    • PLC Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • All standard QHSE courses are done in DTC
  • Organize management development Seminars focusing on Management Essential.
  • ABS welder test & certification.
  • PMS/CAM courses
  • Drilling Technology Seminars
  • Rig Pass (Accridated by IADC)
  • Rig Equipment Seminar

Stuck Pipe prevention seminar

Training is very important in ADC. It is closely linked to the promotion steps that employees must follow. As an example, a field crew member goes through 3 distinct steps before moving into a supervisory position or cross-training into other disciplines e.g. Carries on with Drilling or move to Mechanical or Electrical maintenance.

Dhahran Training Center covered by wireless IP CCTV and equipped with a physical corporate access control card system. Every classroom is outfitted with a wired as well as a wireless network, a sound system and access to central IT resources such as DVD, VHS, TV, Video conferencing, etc. The central IT resource allows broadcasting of the same local as well as remote content to all classrooms.

4 Workshops – Covering Mechanical, Engine, Roller Reamers, Welding and Electrical expertise. We use the workshops to teach maintenance staff and we also use them for fixing the field technical equipment.

Workshops – Used to teach specialists and maintenance staff how to qualify and certify the field technical equipment.


Dhahran Training Center at Arabian Drilling Company Dhahran Base; A full size drilling simulator used to Well Control class (IWCF, IADC well cap, Preventive Well Control and Stuck Pipe Seminars)

Training for Employees

Safety Training courses

Technical & Management Training Course

Self Study Training Courses (Modular Training)