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Schlumberger Introduces OpenFRAC Fluid Additive Systems

Fracturing Fluid Additive Systems Answer Requirements for Shale and Tight Gas Formations While Providing Complete Disclosure of Fluid Additives
HOUSTON, July 30, 2010—Schlumberger announced the release of its new OpenFRAC* family of hydraulic fracturing fluid additive systems. The additive systems can be used for fracturing-stimulation treatments, including applications in challenging, low-permeability formations such as shale and tight gas sands.

The OpenFRAC family is fully functional and disclosable, providing comparable technical performance to conventional additive systems. Three OpenFRAC variants are available; all are water-based, viscosified fluids.

“The OpenFRAC additive systems can be mixed with a wide range of reused or recycled water,” said Patrick Schorn, president, Well Services, Schlumberger. “Following extensive research and testing, we are pleased to bring the unique features of this new technology to a critical market.”

OpenFRAC SW formulation is used for slickwater fracturing, where drag reduction and less complex fluid systems are desired. OpenFRAC WF is the linear gel variant, offering improved proppant transport characteristics. For crosslinking, OpenFRAC XL offers the advantages of the other two fluids, while creating wider fractures to enable high proppant concentrations and generate high fracture conductivity.

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