Dhahran New Training Center Opens at ADC’s Base

March 09, 2010 marked another milestone in the Arabian Drilling Company’s (ADC) commitment to provide experienced employee and local suppliers and the Saudi work force with a grand-opening ceremony for the Dhahran Training Center (DTC).

The new DTC building was inaugurated by Mr. Zuhair A. Al-Hussain, Vice President of the Saudi Aramco Drilling and Workover. The following team members accompanied him at the ceremony: Ibraheem Assa’adan, Ali Ghamdi, Mahmoud Soumali, Abdulla Kubaisy, Mohammed Qahtani, Hassan Zahrani, Eiman Hazza, and Mamdouh Aawami.

As the first true training facility of its kind in Saudi Arabia that is managed by a drilling contractor, the DTC will prepare young Saudis to work in the oil and gas industry. Its primary objectives are to establish a competent work force to support the Saudi Aramco drilling operation and to develop Saudis as supervisors and managers. From the initial planning, this training center has kept the needs of the ADC, the customer (Saudi Aramco), and the employees in mind. The purpose-built facility provides the best possible learning and teaching environment, including an auditorium-like classroom and study group and meeting rooms equipped with overhand projectors and computer equipment.

The Saudi Nationals will train in drilling and maintenance group. The facility is also a platform for technical cooperation with Saudi Aramco at-large and its Drilling and Workover department.

The DTC has six classrooms with seats for 80 students per day as well as a cafeteria, break-out areas, and a full gym. The facility is equipped with WIFI, closed-caption TV, and a physical corporate access control-card system. Every classroom is outfitted with both wired and wireless networks, a sound system, and access to central information technology (IT) resources such as DVD VHS, TV, and video conferencing. The central IT resource allows broadcasting of local or remote content to all classrooms.

The training is planned one year in advance and categorized into training days per department, such as drilling, electrical, mechanical, and quality, health, Safety, and environment (QHSE).

Four workshops covering mechanical, engine, roller reamers, welding, and electrical expertise are offered to teach specialists and maintenance staff how to quality and certify the field technical equipment.

By completing this training center tin early 2010, we are now able to meet ADC training requirements for 2010 and beyond.

The DTC’s full-size drilling simulator, which is used in the Well Control class (IWCF, IADC Well Cap, Preventive Well Control, and Stuck Pipe Seminars).


Looking to the future
Phase two, involves establishing a training rig-an electrical rig that will give new hires and non-technical and support staff awareness of rig and field operation. The rig will have all the required technology, including a full-size drilling simulator. In addition, the training rig will include a classroom setting with the same IT resources as those in the DTC. During this phase, the team is also finalizing the well program to drill and securing a well for the actual drilling simulation.