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Injury Prevention in the Hot Season

Did you know ?
– Working in hot environments can promote accidents such as burns and falls?

Why ?
– Excessive heat causes heat stroke or exhaustion through dehydration and loss of vital minerals.
– This leads to loss of concentration and mishaps.
– Sweaty palms can make lifting hazardous and condensation can fog safety glasses.

Take action :
– Pace yourself, start slowly and gradually increase exertion.
– Take frequent rests in the cool – reset your body temperature.
– Maintain your body by drinking excess fluids – cool, not cold, water is best. Drink fruit juice to replace minerals. Avoid tea and coffee.
– Monitor your own and friends condition – move to shade if you start to feel ill.
– Plan your job – if possible work outdoors during the least dangerous time- the morning or late afternoon.
– Clean safety glasses if they fog.
– Move slowly and plan your next move – test metal, share the load with a buddy or use
a mechanical aid.