For Fresh Graduates

ADC believes in recruiting high quality personnel and develops its employees through extensive training. Excellent qualifications, motivation, creativity, responsibility, initiative and respect for others are key words describing our employees. All employees have an equal opportunity for promotion based on their qualifications, performance, attitude and potential. It is the Company’s policy to promote from within the organization based on merit.

Our continued commitment to hire, train and retain a skilled base of local talent was reflected in a Saudization rate of 67% for 2009 considering a total workforce of 1,680 employees. In December 2009.

We offer Excellent career opportunity, Job satisfaction and Competitive salary and benefits.

We are constantly looking for people with vision to join us and help carry our business forward. The work is academically rigorous, intellectually demanding, and can be physically tough, but the rewards we offer reflect fully the commitment we require.

ADC provides the following training for Saudi Nationals:

1. Technical Development Program (TDP)

The TDP gives newly graduated engineers an understanding of the business of Arabian Drilling Company (ADC). It provides the basic skills of running a drilling rig and the foundation for their development as managers of the company. The TDP has a three phases structure which starts with hands on basic drilling skills, moves on to each of the rig departments, then concludes with a rig engineering position.

The TDP is comprised of a combination of hands-on training with all departments, report writing, self paced training modules, work in the office, presentation to the management, and formal schools/seminars. It is a comprehensive and challenging program for oil field candidates.

A Training Completion Review (TCR) marks the end of the two years program. The TCR is a meeting between the management and the engineer in which performance is reviewed and a plan for development is made.

2. Supervisor Development Program (SDP)

The ADC Supervisor Development Program (SDP) is a two phased, 30 months program designed to give a technical school graduate apprentice training in his chosen field on a drilling rig. The program consists of a combination of hands-on work on the rig, formal class room training, independent self study, written reports and diaries. In the first few steps of Phase 1 for all the trainees and both phases for the Assistant Driller Trainee, it is intended that the trainee works as part of a crew.

After a successful completion of the training program, opportunities for advancement will depend on the trainee’s progress and capabilities as well as job availability.

Candidates apply for SDP must be graduated from Colleges, Technical colleges, Industrial schools or similar levels to join this program. Based on your qualification, candidates will be selected to join one of the following positions:

  • Assistant Driller Trainees
  • Mechanic Trainees
  • Electrician Trainees
  • Warehouse Controller Trainees
  • Safety Officer Trainees

Trainee is assigned to one of our operational rigs in Saudi Arabia and follow a practical and theoretical development training tailored to his abilities, (30 months training program for the above categories in general, however the program is task based & not time based).

Applicants should be:

  • Saudi National
  • Fluent in English (Verbal & writing)
  • Willing to work in any location (assigned by the company)
  • Physically fit
  • Demanding supervisory position
  • Hard physical work during training periods