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Full Body Harness

All elevated walkways or work positions, open hatches, etc.

which can allow a fall of 6 feet (1.8 meter), shall be fitted with adequate guardrails / Platform.

However, where guardrails are not feasible, fall protection shall be provided.
To insure conformance to Working at Height Procedure, all employees involved in working at height should keep wearing safety harness at all times during rig move and to ensure lanyard is not free to caught in objects In addition Rig management have to make sure the following are implemented :

  1. Ensure that there is a dedicated place to store safety harness on rig floor and with Roustabout Pusher.
  2. There are sufficient numbers of safety harness available (at least 6 on rig floor and four with Roustabout Pusher) with 4 (at least) spare in stock.
  3. All fall protection equipments including full body harness most be registered on location lifting gear registration and inspected prior to use.
  4. All work at height must be directly supervised at all time