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ADC “Successful Story In SAUDIZATION” Dammam-Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday 3rd, December 2013.

Arabian Drilling Company’s Managing Director Mr. Saad bin Abdullah Al-Saab has stressed hard on the need to give an attractive Compensation and benefits package as an essential element for the localization of the staff and to prevent leakage of careers, considering that the Magic Wand to localize national staff is to put the right person in the right place, expressed the readiness of the company to provide advice and successful experience to each one asked to spread the benefits and deployment of such successful experiences.

That was mentioned in the first session of the annual meeting of the Human Resources, organized by the Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday 3rd December 2013 and titled (successful story in Saudization) was headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of electrical industries Ahmed bin Nasser Al –Suwaidan.

Al-Saab said (delivered on his behalf by the Human Resources Manager Mr. Tawfeeq Al-Halal) that, the company has achieved percentage of Saudization of 10% in 1990, this figure had risen to close to 70% at the present time, and has become the company in the range Excellent under Nitaqat clasification of Ministry of Labour, thus the company is successful from this side, explaining that, the company when made the decision for Saudization did not face any pressure from the Ministry of Labour to attract Saudis , on the other hand, the company follows the strategy of localization of the staff, which applied the principle of social responsibility, which requires attracting Saudis staff and train them, and retain them. A number of challenges faced the company in this aspect, the most notable challenge is the nature of the harsh working in the drilling, and the lack of national staff capable of operating in this aspect, as well as the training and rehabilitation issue expensive financially and time-consuming, so the company suffered in the beginning of the leak functional and the latest state of instability in the work. Now, the company has taken several measures to overcome these challenges. From the beginning, the company turned around to attract the people of low-income, and those with low qualifications and provided them with a working environment characterized by transparency, equal opportunity, attractive incentives and moral. This has been contributed in receiving Saudis staff to the company, especially in lower positions.

Another step –as per Saad Al-Saab- the Company has established clear criteria define a career path associated with training courses called Progressive Salary Training Scheme

Al-Saab spoke about training noting that, the English language with the supervisors of the work was an obstacle at such time, but it has been surpassed the establishment of training courses outside the Kingdom in cooperation with a foreign partner, as well as the creation of specialized training center certified by International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), became the company’s program to rehabilitate supervisors, and a program for the rehabilitation and development engineers bachelor holders for the post of Rig Manager, has resulted in these efforts for the arrival of a large number of Saudis for leadership positions in the company , as well as the Saudization lower positions in the company , and then the company has what has been termed the “systematic replacement”.

He concluded by saying that all of these measures resulting in high percentage of the Saudis staff, and the Saudi workforce trained to deal with the harshest conditions, bearing a strong desire to continue.

(Saudization will not be achieved by wishes, but by commitments).