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Rig:  AD-47
Type: Land Rig
Country: Saudi Arabia
General Builder Dreco (NOV)
Rig Basic Design 2000 HP RIG AC ME SPEC
Specifications Year of Construction 2014
  Last Major Upgrade
  Rated Drilling Depth 19,000 ft
  Location Footprint 540 ft x 510 ft (excludes main camp).
Storage Active Mud Tanks 3 x 489 bbls = 1467 bbls
Capacities Reserve Mud Tanks 2 x 489 bbls reserve tank + 2 x 320 bbls reserve + 2 x 168 bbls pill tank total 1952 bbls
  Solid control  mud tanks 4 ea Compartment tank = 315 bbls
  Trip tank / Strip tank 2 ea, 60 bbls
  Drill Water Tanks 2 x 489 bbls = 978 bbls
  Fuel Tanks 1 ea main fuel tank 500 bbls, 2 ea well diesel tank 1000 bbls, 1 ea main camp tank 225 bbls 
  Brine Tanks none
  Others 2 ea cement tank, 900 bbls
Rig Mast/Derrick NOV, Floor mount cantilever open face mast for use on a land drilling rig.
The mast is hydraulically raised on two (2) telescoping raising cylinders equipped.  Setback capacity – 800,000 lbs.
Equipment Drawworks NOV  ADS-10SD Automated Drawworks System, 2000HP Full capability-hoisting system consisting of AC powered hoist motors (2), single speed gearbox, wireline drum,
and plate disc brake.
  Auxiliary Brake Dynamic Braking
  Diesel Engines 5 ea Caterpillar 3512B Engine 1476 BHP (1101 BKW) @ 1200
  AC Generators 5 ea Baylor S637UUT-200FH-HA, 3Ph 600V 60Hz 1750kVA@PF0.7
  Emergency Power 1 ea Caterpillar 3306 generatorset , 480V 60 Hz 794 kVA
  Power Conversion NOV DrillForce VFD System
  Transformers 2 ea 600:480 Volt 1500kVA, 1 ea 480:208 Volt 112.5kVA
  Mud Pumps 3 ea National Oilwell Varco Model FD-1600 Triplex Mud pump, 7" bore X 12" stroke, rated for
1600 input horse power, Mud Pump driven by two (2) 1150HP AC motors
  Shale Shakers 3 ea MI-Swaco Mongoose
  Mud cleaner 1 ea MI-Swaco Mongoose
  Other solid control eqt 1 ea Derrick vacuum degasser
  Mud mixing equipment 3 ea mixing pumps, 3 ea mixing hoppers
  Topdrive NOV TDS-11SH, 500 Ton, 1100HP, SoftSpeed2
  Rotary Table LS-NOW ZP375 Rotary Table (37-1/2") Driven by one (1) 1000HP AC motor
  Crown Block NOV 500 Ton Flat Running Crown, Capacity 500 Ton, with 6 ea 60" sheaves and 1 ea 60" fast line sheave
  Travelling Block / Hook YC450 – 500 Ton Traveling Block
  Drilling Line 1/1/2",6X19S IWRC XIP
  Iron Roughneck none
  Hydraulic Catheads 2 ea NOV HC-26EV, Maximum line pull 34,000 lbs
  Drilling Instrumentations RigSense 3.12  Integrated with Amphion Drilling Control System
Well Annular BOP 1 x 30" SPH Shaffer, 1,000 psi, 1 X 21 1/4 MSP Hydril 2000 PS1 ea 13 5/8" Shaffer 10,000 psi WP
  Ram Preventers 2 ea 13.5/8" Cameron type "U" double 10,000 psi WP
  1 ea 26.3/4" Cameron type "U" double 3,000 psi WP
  1 ea 26.3/4" Cameron type "U" single 3,000 psi WP
  Choke Manifold Cameron, 4.1/16" 10,000 psi WP,
  Control System (Koomey unit) Cameron,600 gallon 16 valves WP 3,000 psi, 48 bottles 11 gal capacity each, 2electric/4air pumps
  BOP Test Unit CAD, Model ETU-1581082BBD1, Rated output 4.3 gpm 15k electric testunit with 1k/20k chart
  BOP Handling System NOV 75 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder BOP Hoist System
Camp Camp Site Power 2 X Caterpillar 3412 generatorset 220V 60 Hz 794kVA
  Capacity 120 beds for rig site and camp site.
Rig Moving Number of loads 135 Loads
Requirements Trucks 7 Kenworth, 2 X 6 axil low bed truck (sub-contructed)
  Rolling gears to move rig Mast dolly and 4ea sub base dolly
  Crane 4 each (sub-contracted)
  Forklift 2 each (sub-contracted)