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Rig  Arab Drill 46 (AD-46)  Rig-ad46@slb.com
Type: Heavy Land Rig
Country: Saudi Arabia
  Builder Nationall Oilwell Varco
Rig Basic Design 2000 HP AC VFD Amphion Control System
Specifications Service Date Built in 2014
  Major Upgrade None Planned
  Rated Drilling Depth 19000 ft
  Location footprint 160 ft x 160 ft
Storage Solid control  mud tanks Total System   4000 bbls
Capacities Trip tank / Strip tank 2 x 68 bbls
  Active Mud Tanks                      2000 bbls
  Reserve Mud Tanks 2000 bbls
  Drill Water 1000 bbls capacity
  Fuel 3*500 bbls capacity diesel tank, 125 bbls gasoline tank
Equipment Mast/Derrick NOV Land Rig Mast. Floor-mount cantilever open-faced, Clear Height 157′, Hook Load Rating 1,000,000 lbs
  Drawworks National OilWell Varco ADS-10SD with 2ea DM27- 1000 HP AC Motors, Drum Length 53.75",  Drum Dia. 30", Dynamic Brake System W/Emergency Park Brake
  Auxiliary Brake (Elmagco) N/A
  Main Power 5 each Cat 3512 B, 1435HP each, coupled to 1750 KVA ,1225 KW Baylor generators, 600 volts, 60 Hz 
  Emergency Power 1 each Cat 3406 diesel Engine w/Kato 344 KVA, 275 KW, 60 Hz  Alternator
  Power Conversion Drill Force 477192 , NOV  VFD  Amphion  System
  Mud Pumps  3 ea NOV FD-1600
  Shale Shakers 3ea MI SWACO
  Mud cleaner MI SWACO
  Other solid control eqt  
  degasser Derrick
  Mud mixing equipment 4ea, Derrick Max 2000, Mixing Hopper
  Topdrive National OilWell Varco TDS-11SH 500 ton
  Rotary Table LS- National Oilwell ZP-375. 37.5" opening, Max Static Load 658 U.S. Tons, Max Torque 23,869 lbf-ft, Max Speed 300 r/min, Independent AC rotary drive – 735 kw.
  Crown Block NOV Flat-running, 500 ton rated, with 1 offset 60" OD fast line sheave + 6 sheaves – 60" OD, grooved for 1 1/2" wire rope
  Travelling Block National OilWell YC-450-3 with 6-60" sheaves, grooved for 1-1/2" drill line
  Drilling line 1 1/2", 6X19eips, 7,500 ft nominal length. Plastic coated
  Drilling Instrumentations M/D Totco
  Communications  GAI Tronics, 
Blowout Annular BOP 13-5/8" Type GX 13, 10-M Hydril 
Equipment Ram Preventers 13"-5/8 Cameron Double Gate Ram Preventers, 10M psi WP, With Booster
  13"-5/8 Double Gate Ram Preventers, 10M psi WP, type "U", lower cavity to have large bore bonnets & tendem booster for shear rams
  Choke Manifold Cameron 4"  10k /5k , Hydraulic & Manual Gate valves ( Assy type "FLS") , Hydraulic & Manual Chokes, Hydraulic Choke Panels and Accessories. Coflexip Hose  3"ID x 50 ft 10,000psi WP                                         4 
  BOP Control System  Cameron, Accumulator Unit, 48-11 Gal. Bottles, 3000 PSI, 16 Stations
  BOP Handling System 2X50 Ton BOP Hoists, vertical lift API-4F 3rd Edition PSL-1 
Camp Camp Site Power 2 ea 3412 TTA 794 KVA, 635 KW, 60 Hz, 220 Volt
  Capacity 5 Senior Sleeper 2 Man, 14 Senior Sleeper 4 Man, 9 Juniors rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 senior mess hall, 1 junior hall, 1 recriation room, 1 laundry, 1 ablution, 1 mosque & 1 training room
Trucking & Crane 80 Ton subcontracted
handling eqt Forklift Doosan 9 ton subcontracted
  4×4 rig cars  
  Rolling gears to move rig Shared Equipment -1 x mast dolly & 4 x substructure dollies (For in-field moves only)
Moving Rig itself (excl tubular)