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Rig:  AD-43
Type: Land Rig
Country: Saudi Arabia
General Builder  (NOV)
Rig Basic Design 2000 HP RIG AC ME SPEC
Specifications Year of Construction Mar-14
  Last Major Upgrade
  Rated Drilling Depth 19,000 ft
  Location Footprint 540 ft x 510 ft (excludes main camp).
Storage Active Mud Tanks 3 x 489 bbls = 1467 bbls
Capacities Reserve Mud Tanks 2 x 489 bbls reserve tank + 2 x 320 bbls reserve + 2 x 168 bbls pill tank total 1952 bbls
  Solid control  mud tanks 4 ea Compartment tank = 315 bbls
  Trip tank / Strip tank 2 ea, 60 bbls
  Drill Water Tanks 2 x 489 bbls = 978 bbls
  Fuel Tanks 1 ea main fuel tank 500 bbls, 2 ea well diesel tank 1000 bbls, 1 ea main camp tank 225 bbls 
  Brine Tanks none
  Others 2 ea cement tank, 900 bbls
Rig Mast/Derrick NOV, Floor mount cantilever open face mast for use on a land drilling rig.
The mast is hydraulically raised on two (2) telescoping raising cylinders equipped.  Setback capacity – 800,000 lbs.
Equipment Drawworks NOV  ADS-10SD Automated Drawworks System, 2000HP Full capability-hoisting system consisting of AC powered hoist motors (2), single speed gearbox, wireline drum,
and plate disc brake.
  Auxiliary Brake Dynamic Braking
  Diesel Engines 5 ea Caterpillar 3512B Engine 1476 BHP (1101 BKW) @ 1200
  AC Generators 5 ea Baylor S637UUT-200FH-HA, 3Ph 600V 60Hz 1750kVA@PF0.7
  Emergency Power 1 ea Caterpillar 3306 generatorset , 480V 60 Hz 794 kVA
  Power Conversion NOV DrillForce VFD System
  Transformers 2 ea 600:480 Volt 1500kVA, 1 ea 480:208 Volt 112.5kVA
  Mud Pumps 3 ea National Oilwell Varco Model FD-1600 Triplex Mud pump, 7" bore X 12" stroke, rated for
1600 input horse power, Mud Pump driven by two (2) 1150HP AC motors
  Shale Shakers 3 ea MI-Swaco Mongoose
  Mud cleaner 1 ea MI-Swaco Mongoose
  Other solid control eqt 1 ea Derrick vacuum degasser
  Mud mixing equipment 3 ea mixing pumps, 3 ea mixing hoppers
  Topdrive NOV TDS-11SH, 500 Ton, 1100HP, SoftSpeed2
  Rotary Table LS-NOW ZP375 Rotary Table (37-1/2") Driven by one (1) 1000HP AC motor
  Crown Block NOV 500 Ton Flat Running Crown, Capacity 500 Ton, with 6 ea 60" sheaves and 1 ea 60" fast line sheave
  Travelling Block / Hook YC450 – 500 Ton Traveling Block
  Drilling Line 1/1/2",6X19S IWRC XIP
  Iron Roughneck none
  Hydraulic Catheads 2 ea NOV HC-26EV, Maximum line pull 34,000 lbs
  Drilling Instrumentations RigSense 3.12  Integrated with Amphion Drilling Control System
Well Annular BOP 1 x 30" SPH Shaffer, 1,000 psi, 1 X 21 1/4 MSP Hydril 2000 PS1 ea 13 5/8" Shaffer 10,000 psi WP
  Ram Preventers 2 ea 13.5/8" Cameron type "U" double 10,000 psi WP
  1 ea 26.3/4" Cameron type "U" double 3,000 psi WP
  1 ea 26.3/4" Cameron type "U" single 3,000 psi WP
  Choke Manifold Cameron, 4.1/16" 10,000 psi WP,
  Control System (Koomey unit) Cameron,600 gallon 16 valves WP 3,000 psi, 48 bottles 11 gal capacity each, 2electric/4air pumps
  BOP Test Unit CAD, Model ETU-1581082BBD1, Rated output 4.3 gpm 15k electric testunit with 1k/20k chart
  BOP Handling System NOV 100 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder BOP Hoist System
Camp Camp Site Power 2 X Caterpillar 3412 generatorset 220V 60 Hz 794kVA
  Capacity 120 beds for rig site and camp site.
Rig Moving Number of loads 135 Loads
Requirements Trucks 7 Kenworth, 2 X 6 axil low bed truck (sub-contructed)
  Rolling gears to move rig Mast dolly and 4ea sub base dolly
  Crane 4 each (sub-contracted)
  Forklift 2 each (sub-contracted)