Rig ArabDrill 40
Country: Saudi Arabia
Last reviewed and updated by Farid Djerraya, on Feb 2nd 2012
Design Marine Structure Consultants (MSC)
Vessel Service date 1998
Specifications Classification ABS Maltese Cross A1 Self-Elevating, Unit, +AMS, Restricted Area
Registry/Flag Saudi Arabia
Length 53 m
Width 30.5 m
Depth of hull 4.9 m
Cantilever reach / transversal skid N/A
Lightship draft 2.822 m @ 3856 MT
Transit draft- loadline 3.4 m @ 4763 MT
Variable load- transit/jacking/operat. 615 MT / 1009 MT /
Crew quarters 62 persons
Major upgrade 2007 (Drilling unit) 2011 (testing barge)
Rated drilling depth N/A
Operating water depth 52 m
Thrusters 3 thrusters x 1250 kW
Jacking Type jacking system BLM type C12
Systems Pinions 12 pinions per leg
Pinion rating (each leg)- Pull 1008 MT
Pinion rating (each leg)- Hold 1680 MT
Leg length 79.3 m
Sea floor interface (each leg) 22.78kips / sq. ft spudcan
Environmental capability Operating
Wind : 20.6 m/s
Waves: 3 m at 6 sec.
Current: 0.75 m/s
Wind : 36 m/s
Waves: 10 m at 10 sec.
Current: 1.6 m/s
Storage Solid control  mud tanks N/A
Capacities Trip tank / Strip tank N/A
Active Mud Tanks 2 x 42.0 cu.m
Reserve Mud Tanks 2 x 26.8 cu.m
Drill Water 139.1 cu.m + 110.3 cu.m
Potable Water 2 x 93.6 cu.m
Bulk mud and cement 2 x 34 cu.m
Sack Material 1000 sq ft
Fuel 111.6 cu.m + 108.1 cu.m
Brine N/A
Rig Mast/Derrick- capacity N/A
Equipment Drawworks N/A
Auxiliary Brake (Elmagco) N/A
Main Power 4 x CAT3512 B (1360 kW ea.) driving 4 x KATO Generators rated 600V, 60Hz – 1700kVA
Emergency Power 1 x CAT3406C generator set 480V, 60 Hz – 345 kW
Power Conversion Ross Hill – 4 SCR Bays
Mud Pumps N/A
Shale Shakers N/A
Mud cleaner N/A
Other solid control eqt N/A
Mud Mixing equipment N/A
Topdrive N/A
Rotary Table N/A
Crown Block N/A
Travelling Block N/A
Swivel N/A
Deck cranes Liebherr RL30/1100 LSC – 36 MT, Liebherr RL 10(5)/18.3(30.5) LSC – 15 MT
Cementing unit N/A
Drill floor instrumentation N/A
Other major drill floor eqpt N/A
Communications GMDSS-complied with Area A3 regulations, Inmarsat C and mini M
Drilling line N/A
Blowout Annular BOP N/A
Preventer Diverter type N/A
Equipment Ram Preventers N/A
BOP Handling Eqpt N/A
Choke Manifold N/A
BOP Control System N/A
Logging unit N/A
Coil tubing unit N/A
Well Services Gravel Packing / Filtration equipment N/A
Equipment Other Integrated services equipment Schlumberger Well Testing Package
High Pressure Pump 2 x MD-1000, 650 HP (use as Kill Pumps)
Lifeboat 2 x Norsafe Totally Enclosed Lifeboat
Safety Liferaft 4 x Hai Yan Pai – 25 men Inflatable Liferaft + 2 x 12 men launchable liferaft
Equipment Fire fighting/detection Thorn Security, 32 channels with sensors
Gas detection Crowcon, 6 channels with sensors, for H2S + LEL