AD50 Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony was organized on 8th June in Singapore at the time of delivery of ArabDrill-50 (AD50) from Keppel FELS shipyard Singapore. The ceremony was attended by ADC Board Chairman Mr. Rafie along with other board members and ADC management team. The Chairman appreciated the efforts of both shipyard and ADC Project teams on completing the project ahead of schedule and delivering this new unit to ADC offshore fleet.

ADC MD-A Mr. Saad Saab noted on this occasion:

“ADC has a very rich history that goes back to start-up of the company in 1964 and we are about to celebrate our 50th anniversary of operating in Saudi Arabia. This is a remarkable feat. Taking this opportunity I would like to highlight that we are not only expanding the offshore fleet but also in the land market. There are also five new land rigs under construction. I must state that all this has been made possible as we continue to deliver outstanding results that are well acknowledged by our valued customer.

ADC MD-T Mr. Umar Loan commented in his speech:

“I would like to draw your attention to the point that our selection of Keppel FELS MOD V B design was not a coincidence. It started with a comprehensive due diligence process that included reviewing various available options that finally resulted in providing us the confidence to select the MOD V B design. The other important technical highlight of the project is the substantial Scope of Work that has been carried out as part of Variation Orders to meet Client’s contractual compliance. Number of upgrades to Well Control and Safety Systems were carried out in parallel with the routine construction activity.”