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Rig ARAB Drill 30
Type: Jackup
Country: Saudi Arabia
Vessel Design KFELS Mod V ‘B’ Class Design
Specifications Service date 2006
Classification American Bureau of Shipping – A1 Self elevating drilling unit
Port of Registry/Flag Dammam
Length 234 ft
Width 208 ft
Depth of hull 25 ft
Cantilever reach 70 ft aft x 30 ft transverse with 1395 kips load capacity at 70 ft aft
Transversal skid 15 ft transverse Port and 15 ft transverse Starboard
Lightship draft 11.25ft @ 23,985kips (10.882 tonnes)
Transit draft with full deck load 16ft @ 34,386kips (15,597 tonnes)
Variable load- transit/jacking/operat. 5070 / 18911 / 7600 kips
Crew quarters 110 persons
Major upgrade Built in 2006 @ KEPPL FELS Shipyard, Singapore
Rated drilling depth 30000 ft
Operating water depth (min-max) 55 ft – 300 ft
Tugs required to move 160 tons BP
Helideck 73 ft diameter designed for Sikorsky S61-N and S 92 helicopters & in accordance with UK CAP 437 rules and regulations
Jacking Type jacking system OTD1000FV Model elevating system
Systems Pinions 36
Pinion rating – Normal Jacking 1000 kips/pinion for 450 hours life
Pinion rating – Preload Holding 1869 kips/pinion w/o damage
Leg length 430 ft
Sea floor interface (each leg) 1643 Sq Ft. Diameter 47.20 Ft.
Environmental capability Operating
Wind : 70 Knots
Waves: 54 ft at 14 sec.
Current: 1.0 Knots
Wind : 100 Knots
Waves: 56 ft at 14 sec.
Current: 1.2 Knots
Storage Solid control  mud tanks
Capacities Trip tank 37 x 2 bbls
Strip tank 5 bbls
Active Mud Tanks 3878 bbl
Reserve Mud Tanks 2600 bbls
Drill Water 19919 bbl
Potable Water 2052 bbl
Bulk mud and cement 11300 cu ft
Sack Material 5000 sx
Fuel 2577 bbls
Brine 837 bbls
Others Base Oil: 648 bbls, Lube oil: 20 bbl, Dirty oil: 62 bbl, Skimmer: 335 bbl
Rig Derrick- capacity 1500 kips (SHL)
Equipment Drawworks Varco ADS-10T 3000HP AC
Auxiliary Brake (Elmagco) N/A  AC brake Varco
Main Power 5 ea CAT3516B (1855 HP each)
Emergency Power 1 ea 500 kW
Power Conversion
VFD System AC drilling system with VFD for 10 motors, Siemens, Rated Power – 8579 KW, 690V
Mud Pumps 3 ea Varco (Lewco) VMP-2215, 2200 HP & 7500 psi
Scalping Shale Shakers ( upstream) 1 x Dual Gumbo box
Linear Motion Shale Shakers 4 x Thule VSM 300
Desander + Desilter + Mud cleaner Bandt Solid control equipment  and Mud cleaners is 1 Brandt Hydraclone mud cleaner mounted on a King Cobra shaker
Other solid control eqt
Mud Mixing equipment Brndt Agitatoers
Topdrive Varco TDS-8SA, 750T with 65,500 ft.lbs continuous torque @ 94 rpm
Rotary Table Varco RST – 49.5
Crown Block Maker: WCI & Size: 14′ x 7′
Travelling Block Hook Shaffer Travelling Block , 7 sheaves x 68″ dia
Deck cranes 3 ea Favco 7.5K/10K with API SWL 12ST @ 120′ / 50ST @ 40’
Cementing unit Provided by Client
Drill floor instrumentation Amphion drilling systems comprising of :
1 Flex work station (Equipped with 3 Touch screens HMI), Multi-Tool Controller (MTC) Ccabinet,
RigsenseTM Application – 1 Rigsense Server, System 5 Data Acquisition (V-DAQTM) Module
Other major drill floor eqpt Chokmanifold is shaffer 15 K
Drilling line 1 – 3/4″ Size drilling line, Franklin Offshore Drill line spooler & Hercules deadline anchor
Blowout Annular BOP 1 ea 13 – 5/8″ 5K Hydril Annular + 1 ea 21 – 1/4″ 2K Hydril Annular
Preventer Diverter type Vetco Gray 49.5″ KFDJ Diverter (500 psi)
Equipment Ram Preventers Cameron 20 – 3/4″ 3K Single Ram BOP
Cameron 20 – 3/4″ 3K Double Ram BOP
Cameron 13 – 5/8″ 10K Single Ram BOP
Cameron 13 – 5/8″ 10K Double Ram BOP
BOP Handling Eqpt 2 x J D Neuhaus BOP Hoists
Choke Manifold Shaffer 15M Choke Manifold unit
BOP Control System Shaffer 3000 psi WP BOP Control HPU, 28 bottles
Diverter Control System Shaffer Diverter Control panel with 7 ea additional bottles
Well Services Logging unit Slb unit
Equipment Coil tubing unit not there but usually slb or Haliburton
Gravel Packing / Filtration equipment N/A
Other Integrated services equipment N/A
Cement unit Slb unit can pump up to 10K psi
Safety Lifeboats 4 x Norsafe JYN74F Model (55 men each Totally enclosed lifeboats)
Liferafts 6 x W H Brennan liferafts
H2S safety systems Cascade system installed by Total Safety covering muster points, rig floor, mud processing area, mud pits, mud mixing area, engine rooms, cranes etc & Scott 30 min packs
Equipment Fire detection Thorn (U.K) MX T2000 Digital Protocol Addressable 4 Loop Fire Detection Control panel,
230VAC/1ph/60Hz;24Vdc 5A including Call Point-THORN CP820M, THORN CP830M,THORN CP840M,
Heat Detector -811H MX, 801H Ex; Optical Smoke & Heat Detector – 811PH MX;Tripple IR Flame
Combustible Gas detection Sieger Gas System, S 57-Total 20 Channel Control, 230VAC/1ph/60Hz;24Vdc 5A Including 4 channel
Catalytic input Card(0-100% LEL).
Gas Seneor Part Number 2106B1200 (LEL Transmitter 0-100% LEL) Catalytic Output.
H2S Detection Sieger Gas System, S 57-Total 20 Channel Control, 230VAC/1ph/60Hz;24Vdc 5A Including
4 channel 4-20mA Catalytic input Card (0-100 PPM).
Gas Sensor Part Number 2106B1402 (H2S Transmitter 0-100 PPM 4-20mA Output)
Fire fighting The unit is equipped with a foam system for helideck, refueling and fuel storage areas protection. Two monitors are installed fwd/central and aft/port of the helideck. Two fire stations and two foam hose reels are provided on the platform attached to the aft side of the helideck. An independent pump is provided for the foam and deluge system. This pump can also provide water to the firewater system.
A deluge system is also provided for the drill floor area and underneath the drill floor / BOP area.
An independent fire pump is provided for general firewater service lines.
Two drill water pumps from the drill water system can also provide water to the firewater system.
CO2 protection is provided for protection in areas such as: Emergency Generator House, Galley Cooking
Area, Main Engine Room, Paint Locker. A ventilation shutdown is integral to the system upon activation
of the CO2 system. More than sufficient types of fire extinguishers have been provided. Fire hoses have
been provided as to pertinent regulations. Two additional firewater monitors have been provided prot aft for
area coverage for well test manifold area, paint stores, skidding hydraulic unit and engine exhaust piping.