Rig AD8
Type: Jackup
Country: Saudi Arabia
Design Baker Marine BMC 150 IC
Vessel Service date 1980
Specifications Classification ABS
Registry/Flag Saudi Arabia
Length 174ft
Width 162ft
Depth of hull 18
Cantilever reach / transversal skid 40ft from stern 10ft transversally with a maximum combined of 1000Kips
Lightship draft 10375 kips
Transit draft- loadline 12467 kips
Variable load- transit/ jacking/ operat. 2092/3116/2116
Crew quarters 80 persons capacity  (2x 1+4X2+18X4)
Major upgrade 1991, 2006 & 2009
Rated drilling depth 15000ft with 5″DP
Operating water depth (min-max) 150ft
Tugs required to move 2X50Tons BP
Jacking Type jacking system Baker Marine Electro -Hydraulic racks and pinion system
Systems Pinions 9
Pinion rating (each leg)- Pull 3600kips/leg
Pinion rating (each leg)- Hold 7200kips/leg
Leg length 261ft
Sea floor interface (each leg) 5.9Kips/sq.ft
Environmental capability Operating
Storage Solid control  mud tanks 150 BBL /5tanks
Capacities Trip tank /Slug tank 56BBL/ 117 BBL
Active Mud Tanks 2X 286BBL
Reserve Mud Tanks 2X315BBL
Drill Water 142,500 US Gallons
Potable Water 51,600 US Gallons
Bulk mud and cement 8,000 Cu. Ft.
Sack Material 1280sq/ft area
Fuel 66,000 US Gallons
Rig Mast/Derrick- capacity Pyramid 147ft 650KIPS static hook load
Equipment Drawworks National 110UE 1500HP
Auxiliary Brake (Elmagco) Baylor 6032
Main Power 4X CAT 3512, with 1500KVA Generators
Emergency Power 1XCAT 399 520HP
Power Conversion AC-DC HILL GRAHAM SCR
Mud Pumps 2XPZ 10, 1200HP triplex pump
Shale Shakers 3 x Brandt USM 300 elliptical motion
Mud cleaner
Other solid control eqt Desander 1 x Brandt 1500 gpm, Desilter  1 x Brandt 1000 gpm
Mud Mixing equipment 2 mud mixing pumps 6×8 R  +  2 mud Hoppers PROMET LP
Topdrive TDS 3 Varco
Rotary Table National C375
Crown Block Pyramid 350tons 6X 42″ SHEAVES
Travelling Block National 545 G 350 6X 45″ sheaves
Swivel National P400
Deck cranes 2 X BMC 1000  36.8Tons at 22ft radius
Cementing unit
Drill floor instrumentation MDS
Other major drill floor eqpt
Communications Marisat type M ,Marine VHF,fax
Drilling line 1-3/8″
Blowout Annular BOP 1 x Hydrill GK, 13 5/8″, 5K PSI, WP
Preventer Diverter type
Equipment Ram Preventers 1 cameron, 13 5/8″, 10K, WP (1 Double, 1 Single )
BOP Handling Eqpt two jacks 15tons each
Choke Manifold One 10000psi choke manifold with 3 outlets for waste pit;mud tank and flare
BOP Control System one NL koomey model T20210 -35-3000psi WP
Logging unit none
Coil tubing unit none
Well Services Gravel Packing / Filtration equipment none
Equipment Other Integrated services equipment Mud logging Exlog /directional MWD Anadrill
Cement unit
Lifeboats Two Watercraft 40persons each
Safety Liferafts 6 X 20 men RFT MK6
Equipment Fire fighting/detection Serebus GUINARD ionic fire detection system
Gas detection TAC model 1209 detection system with channels for H2S and Hydrocarbon