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Rig Arabdrill 60
Type: Jackup 
Country: Saudi Arabia 
Vessel Design Kepple Fels Limited, Class B
Specifications Service date Dec-13
  Classification Self Elevating Drilling Unit
  Port of Registry/Flag SAUDI ARABIA
  Length 234 ft
  Width 208 ft
  Depth of hull 25 ft
  Cantilever reach  70 ft
  Transversal skid 15 ft
  Lightship draft 16 ft
  Transit draft with full deck load 16 ft
  Variable load- transit/jacking/operat. 4500, 7500, 18137 Kips
  Crew quarters 150
  Major upgrade
  Rated drilling depth 30,000 with 5-1/2” DP
  Operating water depth  Up to 400 ft
  Tugs required to move  2 recommended (3 for platforms)
Jacking Type jacking system OTD 1000 FV
Systems Pinions 36
  Pinion rating (each leg)- Pull 1000 kips
  Pinion rating (each leg)- Hold 1000 kips
  Leg length 517 ft
  Sea floor interface (each leg) 1643 ft2
  Environmental capability 70 KNOTT WIND, CURRENT 1 KNTS, WAVE HT 50′
Storage Solid control  mud tanks 363 bbls useable
Capacities Trip tank  57.52 + 57.09 bbls
  Strip tank
  Active Mud Tanks 4,161 bbls useable
  Reserve Mud Tanks
  Drill Water 3825 BBLS
  Potable Water 2053BBLS
  Bulk mud and cement 4 X 267 + 1069 X 2
  Sack Material 5000 SACKS
  Fuel 3254.3 BBLS
  Brine 855 BBLS
Rig Derrick- capacity 1500 kips static hook load
Equipment Drawworks National Oilwell Varco ADS-10T
  Auxiliary Brake Electric Dynamic Brack+ Friction Brack 
  Main Power 5 x Caterpillar 3516 CHD  1720 KW
  Emergency Power Caterpillar 3508 B  600 KW
  VFD System AC power is provided by ten (10) single quadrants
Maximum continuous power (total):  9030.50 KW
Output volts: 600 Volts
  Mud Pumps LEWCO, W-2215 Triplex
  Scalping Shale Shakers ( upstream) NOV Brandt VSM 300 shale shaker
  Linear Motion Shale Shakers —-
  Desander + Desilter + Mud cleaner NOV brandt Combined hydrocyclone and vibratory basket design
  Other solid control eqt —-
  Mud Mixing equipment 3 X Mission 2500 Supreme,Horizontial centrifugal 8X6X14
  Topdrive NOV TDS-8SA  750T
  Rotary Table NOV RST 495,1000 tons
  Crown Block Lee C Moore(A Woolslayer Company) 6 Sheaves, 60" OD
  Travelling Block Hook NOV / DRECO Model 760TB-750-8C
  Swivel Integrated in NOV‟s TDS-8SA Top-Drive
  Deck cranes Favco Offshore Crane Model 7.7/10K
  Cementing unit Schlumberger Unit
  Drill floor instrumentation NOV
  Other major drill floor eqpt NOV ST-120 Iron Roughneck
  Communications  GMDSS X 2, PGA SYSTEM (MARSHAL)
  Drilling line 15/8" 6 x 19 SEALE, regular way, IWRC
Blowout Annular BOP CAMERON DL 18-3/4, 10M
Preventer Diverter type 49-1/2 GE KFDJ , 500 psi
Equipment Diverter type Fixed Diverter System 
  Ram Preventers Cameron BOP TL DBL 18-3/8” 15M
  BOP Handling Eqpt CFE EngineersAsia pte.Ltd, Ingersoll Rand Trolley 2 X 68.2 MT
  Choke Manifold Cameron,4-1/16", 15000PSI
  BOP Control System CAMERON
Well Services Logging unit Baker Hughes
Equipment Coil tubing unit  
  Gravel Packing / Filtration equipment  
  Other Integrated services equipment  
  Cement unit  
Safety Lifeboats 4 X 75 PERS
  Liferafts 12 X 25 PERSONS 
  H2S safety systems  Drager
Equipment Fire detection Drager
  Combustible Gas detection Drager
  H2S Detection   Drager
  Gas detection  Drager