Managing Directors Message

From a modest beginning in 1964, Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) has positioned itself as one of the largest drilling contractor in the region and beyond, by identifying and responding to client requirements and the changing trends in the oilfield industry.Building 50 years of experience, ADC provides its clients with a safe and cost-effective drilling services through the combination of a well-motivated workforce lead by a dedicated management team with the latest modern equipment and pioneering technology.During 2005, our fleet increased substantially and in the start of the second phase of our expansion, we have added 11 Land Rigs (2 Rigs in 2013, 4 Rigs in 2014 and 5 Rigs in 2015) The new Rigs are equipped with Amphion Integrated Drilling Control system. Out of these 11 Rigs, 4 Rigs are engaged for Ghawar Gas LSTK Project in KSA.As part of our expansion on the offshore arena, we have our New Offshore Drilling Rig ArabDrill 50(in 2013) & 60 (in 2014)  joined the ADC fleet for Saudi Aramco operations. ArabDrill 50 and 60 are a KFELS Mod V – B Class Jack-Up Rig constructed at Keppel FELS Limited in Singapore.Another KFELS Mod V – B Class Jack-Up Rig ArabDrill 70 is under construction at Keppel FELS Limited in Singapore waiting to join the ADC fleet in the near future.At present, ADC owns and operates a large, modern and versatile fleet of 24 land rigs, 8 offshore rigs (1 under construction) and two multipurpose vessels, supported by a highly qualified and experienced staff.
Recruitment in ADC is an ongoing process where we recruit and train a multi-national workforce from more than 30 countries worldwide. Our continued commitment to hire, train and retain a skilled base of local talent was reflected in a Saudization rate of 74% considering a total workforce of 3,333 employees.As a service company, our primary consideration must always be our clients, and our primary objective, their satisfaction. ADC management and its employees are committed to providing the best quality of services to our clients and to exceed the client expectations in terms with the high safety standards and policies and procedures of ADC. Our success in achieving this is measured by our client’s perception of not only the technical execution of jobs, but also, our overall response in terms of readiness, communication, safety, and service attitude.ADC has a well equipped training center – Dhahran Training Center (DTC), which provides the best possible learning and teaching environment well equipped with the latest networks and simulator equipment. The DTC will prepare young Saudis for work in the oil and gas industry to establish a competent workforce to support the Saudi Aramco drilling operations and Khafji Joint Operation (KJO) and also to develop local Saudis as Supervisors and Managers.
ADC demonstrates its commitment to the environment and has stringent internal regulations to ensure that its activity does not directly or indirectly affect it. Our competitive edge is our advantage with the local laws and regulations and the know-how on the various legal requirements and permissions required for operating in the region, which makes it easier for changes as per client demands.

ADC will continue to carry on this tradition by providing the highest quality service and performance to its customers, employees, and shareholders.
Finally, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to our clients for their trust, and employees of ADC for their continuing efforts and loyal dedication to ADC.

Ali Hamid Al-Ghamdi
Managing Director – Administration

Shams Rehman
Managing Director – Technical