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2021 Annual Sustainability Report

29 August 2022
2021 Annual Sustainability Report
We are pleased to share the fourth edition of the Arabian Drilling Annual Sustainability Report for the reporting year 2021, which was considered the year of focus and resilience.

In this year’s report, we focused on the efforts that the Arabian Drilling team put into strengthening the operations, programs, and sustainability approaches to maintain it as a leader in the drilling sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and manage the economic challenges arising from the global Covid-19 pandemic. This year, we have also stressed on the approach we adopted to remain mindful of the progress toward Saudi Vision 2030 sustainability commitments. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: ’Core’ Option, where the core sections included Arabian Drilling’s efforts and commitment toward people, governance, economy, operations, society, and environment. We have integrated into our sustainability journey the target to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the ‘United Nations (UN)’ and Saudi Vision 2030. Our contribution to eight of the Seventeen SDGs is underlined throughout the report, including indicators to measure our performance against these goals. We conducted the materiality assessment to identify the main topics under economic, environmental, and social pillars of sustainability relevant to our business. Seventeen key material topics were identified considering the dimensions related to Arabian Drilling’s operations, importance to our business, and internal stakeholders. Thirteen of them were rated as high material to Arabian Drilling.

We continued providing the highest quality service and aligning our goals, targets, and performance with the Saudi Vision 2030, and we have been committed to non-stoppable daily business growth. Our fixation on the 2030 Vision has resulted in achieving a 77% Saudization Rate, 82% of employee satisfaction, and more than 93% of customer satisfaction. We have been awarded the In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) Award for the fifth consecutive year by Saudi Aramco, for the “Best Saudization - Services”. In 2021, we made our people’s health and safety a prime priority and responded successfully to the Covid-19 crisis. Arabian Drilling has shown extraordinary flexibility in amending its operations and activities as well as a noticeable focus on conducting workshops and awareness sessions for our employees and stakeholders. We have significantly improved our operational and technical performance despite all economic and health challenges. In addition, we constantly encouraged our people and rewarded them for their accomplishments and success stories at Arabian Drilling and for all their efforts in bringing the best business practices to our company. Going forward in Arabian Drilling Standardization and Digitalization journey, our IT Team implemented several projects as per the developed 5-year IT Strategy in 2019. The strategy aims to position Arabian Drilling at another level of innovation within the Drilling Sector. We are proud and profoundly grateful to the entire Arabian Drilling family and members for their support, commitment, and the long-term sustainable value they are creating. The Road ahead for the year 2022, which we have highlighted in this report, will motivate us to move towards a promising future and achieve our ambition to remain a Saudi Corporate Champion and a Sustainable Drilling Leader.

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